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Early on in my career there was news of a Deputy’s teenage child in Washington State got a hold of his dad’s duty weapon and accidently shot and killed his 10-year-old sister.  (Press, n.d.)  And most recently a three-year-old son picked up his dads’ weapon and killed his 6-year-old sister. (Ewing & Desk, n.d.) The news has been flooded for years with stories of tragedies revolving around guns getting into the hands of children.

Here in Washington after the first listed incident in Clark County, more specifically, the city of Vancouver bought small gun safes for all of the officers and deputies for their duty weapons to be secured. Inspired by this I put together a program with my union and a local gun range to finance a program where all city and county employees within Snohomish County could purchase a small handgun safe.

There is no negotiating needed to agree on the fact that Gun violence throughout the nation is traumatic. Whether the violence is accidental or intentional, affects our first responders. As they deal with the aftermath that the violence causes long term negative affects to our first responders and their ability to properly perform their duty. At times their personal lives also deteriorate. First Responders lives become troubled and often lead to family and emotional issues where at times it can lead to career endings or suicide.

I would like to start a program that has two purposes: To reduce gun violence and to be a resource for first responders who are dealing with post traumatic stress disorder. My goal for this non-profit to be able to provide resources for first responders suffering from PTSD to enable them to become a healthy productive member of society and their families.